Summer Camp for Children & Youth Aged 11-14

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In 2014, the Life Skills Journey program introduced a new summer day camp for children and youth aged 11-14. Over 10 days of camp, children and youth participate in themed activities building off the skills learned in the 7-10 Summer Camp, and introducing new topics including gang awareness, stress and anxiety, and addictions. Outdoor education remains a common thread throughout camp, providing context for learning. The outdoors setting enhances and brings to life the lessons learned through direct teaching, and provides challenges for campers to work through individually and as a team in a supportive environment. Campers are encouraged to reflect on activities, discuss thoughts and feelings in sharing circles, and develop relationships with peers and the environment.

How do we measure impact on children and youth?

Life Skills Journey measures the impacts of camp on children and youth using two tools: questionnaires and focus groups. Campers are asked to complete questionnaires at the start and end of camp to find out what they have learned and what can be improved. Questionnaires are based on the best research and ask safe, appropriate questions using the Resiliency Framework created by Resiliency Initiatives. Children and youth also participate in focus groups where a discussion is lead by a facilitator or research team member to learn about their camp experiences. Both of these tools are used at camp where children and youth are in a comfortable and safe environment where they can reflect among their peers. This information helps us plan for the future and ensure program activities and content are relevant and useful to participants.


View Camp Resources: 11-14 Facilitator Manual  & 11-14 Facilitator Quick Guide


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