Knowledge Mobilization

Sharing knowledge and informing communities of program successes is key in bringing people together to get involve in the Life Skills Journey program and ensuring program sustainability. We use many different methods to share information and stories including text messaging campaigns and Facebook.

The University of Alberta’s MARS Lab provides support for Life Skills Journey to send text message updates to parents and community members about the day-to-day activities of the program. Using a program called Frontline SMS, the program sends updates to a variety of groups at Buffalo Lake, Kikino, East Prairie, Gift Lake, Fishing Lake and Elizabeth Métis Settlements including community members, parents, program facilitators, and research staff. Life Skills Journey also uses this service to send text messages throughout the year to inform parents of upcoming Play Day’s.

In addition to communication through text messaging campaigns, Life Skills Journey shares program updates and information through its Life Skills Journey Facebook page. The page provides a space for engagement throughout the year where events, photos, and articles can be shared, while also being an accessible space for parents to ask questions.