Youth Leadership Workshop Series

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We believe research focusing on community change – by Indigenous communities, for Indigenous communities – should include education and skill development for eventual program sustainability by communities.

A Train the Trainer program was piloted in May 2016 in Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement. An experienced facilitator was mentored to train new and future facilitators. In 2017/18 we will achieve this goal through a series of workshops delivered to a broad base of facilitators and additional community members. These will occur in Edmonton and at 4 Métis Settlements.

Topics: job skills, communication, identities, Standard First Aid Train the Trainer, and planning small local projects.

As part of the Youth Leadership Workshop Series, we will encourage and mentor facilitators to take the content from Life Skills Journey training workshops back to their communities where they can teach necessary topics.

Facilitators have already identified this as a need: “I would probably talk about the grief and loss because you’re in the community; everybody knows everybody and we all have this connection and belonging; we have a lot of loss here and not a lot of people talk about it. They just bottle it up and it’s a hard topic to cover but it helps.”


Youth Leadership Workshop Series Timeline



Date and Time 


Job Skills

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews, & Communication with Employers.

November 1st at 5-8 pm

November 2nd at 5-8 pm

November 6th at 5-8 pm

November 7th at 6-9 pm


Elizabeth Community Hall

Buffalo Lake Administration Office

Gift Lake Community Hall

East Prairie Community Hall


Communication 1

Verbal Communication, Speech Preparation, & Public Speaking Techniques.


November 21st at 5-8 pm


November 28th at 6-9 pm

Elizabeth Community Hall

Buffalo Lake Administration Office

Gift Lake Community Hall

East Prairie Community Hall