Summer Camp for Children & Youth Aged 11-14

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In 2014, the Life Skills Journey program introduced a new summer day camp for children and youth aged 11-14. Over 10 days of camp, children and youth participate in themed activities building off the skills learned in the 7-10 Summer Camp, and introducing new topics. Outdoor education remains a common thread throughout camp. Campers are encouraged to reflect on activities, discuss thoughts and feelings in sharing circles, and develop relationships with peers and the environment.

Topics: Community, Kinship, Bullying, Gang Awareness, Photovoice, Grief and Loss, Hopes and Dreams, Spirituality, Addictions and Substance Abuse, Anger Management and Conflict Resolution, Respectful Relationships, Self-Esteem, Stress and Anxiety, Wellness Fair.


View Camp Resources: 11-14 Facilitator Manual  & 11-14 Facilitator Quick Guide


Impact/ Quotes:
Life Skills Journey has measured the impacts of camp on children and youth using two tools: questionnaires and discussions. Campers are asked to complete questionnaires at the start and end of camp to find out what they have learned and what can be improved. Questionnaires are based on the best research and ask safe, appropriate questions about children’s inner strengths and support systems. We also ask facilitators for their feedback on the childrens’ journey.

“With 11 to 14 I think they really liked the things they could use for grief and loss because there’s always a lot of that around here; they know certain coping mechanisms they can use now instead of bottling it because that’s what they usually do.”

“The way I judge if we had an impact is if they come up to us after outside of camp and want to talk to us then.”