Summer Camp for Children Aged 7-10

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In 2013, Life Skills Journey began pilot implementation of the program as a summer day camp for children aged 7-10 at Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement located 150 km northeast of Edmonton. Activities and program content at summer camp focus on helping children develop resiliency. Resiliency is all about how well you can adapt to changes and challenges by having internal strengths as well as strong support networks.

Topics: Communication Skills, Community and Neighbourliness, Kinship, Self Esteem, Anger and Conflict Resolution, Bullying, Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs, Media Messages, Grief and Loss, Hopes and Dreams, and Spirituality.

Of these topics, bullying, grief & loss, and hopes & dreams stand out as being the most impactful with children, as mentioned by facilitators.

Camp Resources: 7-10 Facilitator Manual  & 7-10 Facilitator Quick Guide


Life Skills Journey has measured the impacts of camp on children and youth using two tools: questionnaires and discussions. Campers are asked to complete questionnaires at the start and end of camp to find out what they have learned and what can be improved. Questionnaires are based on the best research and ask safe, appropriate questions about children’s inner strengths and support systems. We also ask facilitators for their feedback on the childrens’ journey.

“I think the kids that went to camp treat the older people with more respect now because they used to not listen or just not care what the adults had to say or anyone older than them. I feel like they have a better understanding of respect and boundaries and things like that.”

“The camp will end, it doesn’t go on forever but it’s up to the kids, what they’ve learned and what they’re going to bring out of it.”