The Vision of the Metis Settlements Life Skills Journey (MSLSJ) program is for the Metis Settlements to plan, implement, and evaluates programs for community change.


In support of this vision, our mission is to determine sustainable boundary partner roles and accountabilities (behaviours, attributes, actions, activities) for community well-being and individual resilience. To this end, we aim to: 1) develop and evaluate community leadership and 2) build partnerships. We would achieve these through training, mentoring, process improvement, and contributing to Metis Settlement networks.

How to get involved?

Step 1 [January]: We need every community we work with to identify one person who will help recruit program facilitators and campers, schedule meetings with Council or the Administrator, and generally get the program off the ground.
Step 2 [January]: Discuss program dates and training location.

Step 3 [February]: Reach a financial agreement to fund the program, which is signed by your Settlement Administrator.

We provide: employment for 4-8 Facilitators and 1 Program Assistant in your community, training in up to 3 Settlements, travel and meals for Facilitators to attend training, program manuals, and all program supplies for training and summer camp.

Settlements provide: food for campers and Facilitators during summer camp, transportation for kids, a camp cook, and the facilities for the program.

Step 4 [February/March]: Recruit a Program Assistant, a full time summer position that acts as a supervisor during training and summer camp, with part-time employment possibilities over the rest of the year.

Step 5 [April]: We deliver supplies for training and summer camps to a secure location in the community.

Step 6 [April]: We work together to recruit, interview, and hire 4-8 facilitators.

Step 7 [May – August]: Facilitators attend training, recruit campers, and run the summer camp