Meet the Life Skills Journey Team

Fay Fletcher

Title: Principal Investigator
Phone: 780-492-2283
email: [email protected]

Dr. Fletcher, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta, has focused on the ...

Alicia Hibbert

Title: Research Project Lead, Indigenous Programs, Faculty of Extension
Phone: 780-248-1194
email: [email protected]

Alicia Hibbert has worked as an applied researcher since 2010 at the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, ...

Mandy MacRae

Title: Project Specialist
Phone: 780-248-1217
email: [email protected]

Since 2014, Mandy has worked as an administrator supporting Indigenous education programs at the Faculty of Extension. Prior ...

Brent Hammer

Title: Qualitative Research Coodinator
email: [email protected]

Dr. Brent Hammer is an instructor in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Alberta. He has worked as ...

Rebecca Shortt

Title: Research Coordinator
email: [email protected]

Rebecca Shortt is the Research Coordinator for the Métis Settlement Life Skills Journey Program. She previously worked ...

Matana Skoye

Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 780-886-4995
email: [email protected]

Matana Skoye is the Program Coordinator for the Métis Settlements Life Skills Journey program and a Political ...

Delauren Anderson

Title: Program Assistant
Phone: 780-897-7001
email: [email protected]

Delauren Anderson is from Gift Lake Métis Settlement and is a current Program Assistant. He joined the ...

Destiny Chalifoux

Title: Program Assistant
Phone: 780-965-7383
email: [email protected]

Destiny Chalifoux was born and raised in Fishing Lake Métis Settlement. She is currently pursuing a combined ...

Kyle Durocher

Title: Program Assistant
Phone: 780-404-1164
email: [email protected]

Kyle Durocher is a Program Assistant for the Métis Settlement Life Skills Journey (MSLSJ) program. He is ...

Allison Cardinal

Title: Program Assistant
email: [email protected]

Allison Cardinal is from Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement and has worked with the Métis Settlement Life ...

Elisha Lamouche

Title: Program Assistant
Phone: 780-536-7581
email: [email protected]

Elisha Lamouche is a Program Assistant for the Métis Settlement Life Skills Journey (MSLSJ) program. She is ...