Shaina Handle

Title: Program Facilitator
email: [email protected]

Shaina Handle is the new program facilitator for the Buffalo Lake life skills program. She describes herself as a self starter and caring team player who is always willing to learn new skills that will assist her in her future education goals. She has had many positive experiences through hockey and has met a lot of new people and her community Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement has always supported her. She enjoys working with youth and was honoured to be part of the Metis Life Skills Journey Team in the summer of 2019 where she worked with strong, empowering, and positive people. Now supporting after-school programming she continues to work with youth in her community to share and support healthy, fun, and creative ways to support positive mental, emotional, and physical health. Working with Indigenous youth in her community and the Métis Life Skills Program is a true blessing and she is thankful to be part of such an awesome team.