Healthy, Active, Resilient Children Help Create Strong Communities

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The Life Skills Journey program helps children and youth build skills to help them succeed in their lives. Based out of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension, the program is both a community based participatory research project and the delivery of summer camps at Métis Settlements in Alberta. The program also provides employment and leadership opportunities for young adults living on Settlements to lead camp and be role models for positive change in their community.

The Vision of the Metis Settlements Life Skills Journey (MSLSJ) program is for the Metis Settlements to plan, implement, and evaluate programs for community change.

In support of this vision, our mission is to determine sustainable boundary partner roles and accountabilities (behaviours, attributes, actions, activities) for community well-being and individual resilience. To this end, we aim to: 1) develop and evaluate community leadership and 2) build partnerships. We would achieve these through training, mentoring, process improvement, and contributing to Metis Settlement networks.

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