Wellness Week

Workshop Schedule 2019

All workshops are being piloted in February 2019. We are excited to build off these workshops to share all topics with our partner.

Workshop  Description Date, Time, and Location
Mental Health Workshop with Delauren AndersonExpand your knowledge about mental health and anxiety. Learn about what it is, symptoms, and self-care.
February 20th at 6-8 pm at
Gift Lake Community Hall
Physical Health Workshop with Destiny Chalifoux Learn about the components of physical health and then get hands on experience cooking stew and bannock!
February 21st at 5-8 pm at
Fishing Lake Parent Link Center
Spirituality Workshop with Kyle Durocher Explore concepts related to spirituality. Learn more about the 7 grandfather teachings, values, and what smudging is.
February 21st at 6-8 pm at
Buffalo Lake Recreation Center